About Angela

About Angela Denise

Performance Coach  |  Mother  |  Work-life harmony advocate

I have lived and breathed the obstacles and challenges facing so many today such as raising a family, growing a business, excelling in a career while going through major life changes.

I know how Life can feel like autopilot coupled with feeling overwhelmed, stressed and uncertain of how anything will change. I reached a point where I wanted to create changes in my life and achieve more success for myself and my family.

I discovered coaching in 2013 that was the catalyst for my life transformation from the shy, insecure unhappy person to the confident woman I love today. Since then, I’ve spent a considerable time investing in coaches and mentors as I’ve navigated through my own challenges that include separation, single parenting, health concerns, career crisis, debt and starting my own business.

Through my journey, I discovered my purpose and life direction, realising I’m happiest when I’m creating life on my terms, surrounded by meaningful relationships, positive environments, and personal growth. This solid foundation, united with my ultimate desire to serve others, helping them make a permanent change to achieve happiness meant coaching became my calling.
In 2018 I qualified as professional personal performance coach, qualified through The Coaching Academy and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This training has given me the perfect mix of theoretical and practical learning for application, with my clients in a wide variety of avenues.

I am passionate about growth for businesses and people. After spending 20 years in business development I followed my passion for coaching . This means Im able to bring my skills and experience towards the transformation of businesses, their owners and professionals all around the world

Angela Denise Coaching

Services to help you...

6 Weeks to Self Esteem

Lets raise the belief you have in yourself so that you can move forward with a new felt confidence and belief in what’s possible with my next 6 weeks to self esteem group (max 6) coaching programme.

Harmonious Success

Master the art of work-life harmony and feel confident that as things begin to shift you can effectively move your priorities around without any negativity on you, your business and those that matter to you the most.

Foundations For Growth

Mindset has everything to do with how you see the world. For any permanent changes to happen in your life, your mindset will be the fertile soil for which new goals and ambitions can be planted and realised.

What clients say...

Pat Annable

Angela creates a safe and inviting environment to talk freely about plans, challenges and any issues that were getting in the way. By doing this she was able to get to help me consider the broader picture and then to become more focused on what I needed to do in my business and to get down to actions. That made it easier to move forward and progress. She also drew out transferable strengths from my past working experience which helped to get changing my career into perspective.

Charles Francis

Angela has a way of making you feel relaxed straight away, open to the coaching process and willing to be honest with yourself.  The coaching revealed some unexpected revelations and discoveries for me which   have been surprisingly useful.  Our great rapport facilitated growth beyond my perceived limits.  She is professional and has great communications skills. Coaching with Angel left me feeling energised, with new insights and a clear path of action.

Paul Dundon

Coaching with Angela has changed my mindset about my business and life. She helped me identify the limitations holding me back so I could move forward. We identified what was important to my life, and we set goals to achieve this.  Now, my business is thriving and my perspective is positive.  The tools and guidance she gave me will push me for the rest of my life.  Coaching with Angela stopped my struggle.

Fiona Little

My life has changed! I’ve felt understood, Angela’s passion for coaching is obvious in how the sessions are conducted. Angela has been a fantastic coach who has supported me along my journey, its been a wonderful experience.

Nicola Coburn

The coaching sessions were open and comfortable and encouraging of creative ideas.  I left my sessions feeling upbeat and ready to tackle my goals. My confidence has grown in my business and I’m challenging myself to push through obstacles.  Overall it was a really positive experience.

Jo Mason

Angela has an extremely professional style but at the same time is also very patient and supportive. She used insightful questioning to help me explore my goals and identify what aspects of these were the most important to me, ensuring that I not only aimed for what I truly wanted but also that I had the best chance of success. Furthermore she was skilled at probing deeper when I perhaps felt a topic had been covered but she had identified that there was more to explore, and this at times proved enlightening! 

Mirel Duta

Angela provided a safe environment for me to share my thoughts and  get clarity of the situation, the decisions and actions I need to take to achieve the desired results. She provided the necessary environment to do exactly that. She was non-judgemental, advice free but very focused on me. She’s a great listener but also a very supportive and inspirational person. So, depending on what you want she`s can be both a really good life coach to hold your hand whilst walking towards your goals or an exceptional mentor to raise your energy level for you to take action.

Reach out to me...

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